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Wilson and Gill Smiths Watch

In the workshop today is a little piece of history, a 9ct gold ‘Wilson and Gill’ watch made by Smiths for the celebrated Regents Street jewellers.

The 9ct gold Dennison case is in exquisite condition with slightly curlier lugs than I remember on the 9ct Smiths Gold watches of the era.

Where this watch is exciting in the Smiths timeline is in its date of manufacture. The serial number puts it around 1958/59 which would make it one of the first Smiths made watches with the shockproof balance jewel.

One thing that didn’t improve with the supply to Wilson and Gill was the quality of the setting spring. The iron content just seems a little too high on the Smiths original setting springs which made them highly prone to fracture.

Nice to keep a record of all the independent jewellers who had Smiths make watches that they could brand themselves. This is the first (and only) ‘Wilson and Gill’ watch that I have come across.

Here is a little reference material on them.

In my time repairing and servicing these watches, here is a list of the independent jewellers I have come across that use Smiths movements:

J W Benson - London

Thomas Russell & Sons - Liverpool

Croyden & Sons (Croff) - Ipswich

Wilson & Gill - London

Trotters Jewellers - London

I am aware that there are many more so feel free to add in the comments section.

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