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When did Smiths change the cruciform on their Aquatite watches?

So today’s question...when did smiths discontinue using the ‘solid’ cruciform of the very earliest models?

Well the earliest example I have of a Smiths ‘aquatite’ comes from around 1948 and it’s an early ‘water resisting’ Smiths watch.

As you can see the cruciform is solid, unlike the later Smiths Cruciforms which we will come to a little later.

I have recently sold one of my earliest ‘pre-Everest Range’ watches and it did indeed feature the earlier, solid cruciform. The serial number puts production on this watch around 1950. waiting for a bus, a second ‘near identical’ pre-Deluxe has turned up for service and sale today.

Looking ‘under the cover’...the serial number is only a few thousand different from the previous ‘pre-Everest’ but this one now features the more familiar Smiths cruciform that we have gotten used to. This clearly puts the changeover from one cruciform to the other at around mid 1950.

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