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Watch Servicing Tips

So here is my fully disassembled Smiths Deluxe for a service. Each cog is visually inspected with the eyeglass for any signs of wear. Warped cogs can also be a major issue with these Cheltenham made watches..,particularly with the central cog.

Always amazes me that Smiths never addressed the issue of the weak click springs. On this watch I fitted a modern day equivalent which has a lower iron content and less likely to fracture.

The first stage of cleaning...before the sonic manual. I learned from several, old school watch repairers when I was young. One was a New York based jewellers who’s tools I still use.

I asked him one day how you clean the solid grease and dirt from a delicate watch. ‘Toothpaste!’ He said! When I questioned him...he made the point that most toothpastes contains a mild abrasive...not enough to damage your teeth but enough to remove the grease and grime!

After 3 cycles of the sonic cleaner the watch parts go on a thermostatic hot plate to dry out any excess water.

On reassembly I have a variety of watch oils that came from two former Smiths workers. I do have a slight obsession with authenticity!! Love these old bottles.

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