• Andy

Smiths W10 Service

After a busy week of servicing non-Smiths watches...I turned my attention to this W10 from a customer. The remit was for a full service and colour matched hand relume.

One of the most difficult challenges with a W10 service can be the removal of the second hand. I have some quite vintage tools to assist me...but sometimes those second hands have welded themselves to the second hand pinion which can be prone to snapping if not removed carefully.

With the second hand safely removed we can continue with the disassembly. I’m always amazed at how many parts make up a watch when they are all laid out!

After a manual removal of grease deposits and 3 cycles of the sonic cleaner...the watch is ready for reassembly and lubrication of all of the moving contact points.

After removal of the crystal it was apparent that it had been a later addition without the steel ring that helps to keep the watch fitting snuggly in the case. This was replaced with the correct crystal and ring.

The final job in this instance was the reluming of the hands. Carefully colour

matching with the dial lume is essential to maintain the integrity of the watch.

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