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Smiths W10 6B RAF Military Watch

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This is to become my own 6B...a bit of a grail watch and finally found one for a bargain price...all original but with a broken mainspring and a case that wouldn’t open!

So I tried lubricant, heating, jax openers, superglued wrenches...NOTHING would move it! In the end I had to give in and post it to another repairer who has stronger equipment.

The case was eventually freed and my repairer friend also sold me a new toy specifically for removing W10 cases without damage.

So here we 1967 6B during service and fitting of the new mainspring and completed. Apparently only 800 were ever made so they are becoming somewhat rare.

Just the strap to go. I decided on a leather strap for this watch. I will take some better pictures once it has arrived.

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