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Smiths Deluxe A404 1958 End Of The Line!

An interesting Smiths Deluxe A404 in the workshop today. This one dates from 1958 and would have been one of the very last ‘Deluxe’ A404s before the newer, shockproof movements became standard.

What also makes it interesting is that it features a very early ‘shockproof’ balance with correct inset jewels. Smiths would later in 1958 brand the dials ‘shockproof’ before the rebrand to ‘Everest‘ A404s in 1964.

A lovely example…always interesting to look at watches from these transition periods as Smiths had a tendency to ‘mix and match’ before finding the right formula.

The outcome….as satisfying as always once fully serviced and back in the mainstream!

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