• Andy

Smiths Deluxe 9ct BR

Today’s second job is a mystery for a customer. The minute and hour hands turn but nothing from the second hand.

So we remove the back cover. The first anomaly is an incredible click spring! At some point in the watches history this has broken and someone with a VERY steady hand has soldered a new end on to it from another watch! It has probably lasted for many years like this...only now starting to malfunction.

On dismantling further, the cause of the initial problem is identified. The second hand is a replacement...none Smiths with a long pipe. This is not only exerting pressure on the jewel but is also slipping on the spindle as the bore is too big. It will need replacing with Smiths new/old stock.

Finally we brush and sonic clean followed by reassembly with the new/old click spring and second hand. A little watch oil is applied to all of the moving points and the watch is ready to go.

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