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Smiths Customised Dials

We all know that J W Benson, Thomas Russell & Son and Croff ‘customised’ Smiths made dials, amongst many.

Todays respiration is a real oddity. On the face of it, a normal Smiths 1950 RG.0513 but with a logo of a Tiger where the Smiths logo SHOULD be.

Everything checks out as original including the serial number, though there were some grub screws missing.

The inscription on the back is for long service with the company ‘Fothergill and Harvey’.

But the most perplexing thing about this watch is that the Tiger isn’t an ‘add on’. you can tell by the finish under magnification that it was almost certainly added at the point of manufacture.

A joy to service….it’s interesting and maybe an indictment of the quality assurance that Smiths employed that the screws were made in two sizes to custom fit around the fixing screws on the other side of the movement. By 1956 the screws were all manufactured to the same size. Cheaper but I can’t help feeling a little sad that they changed this!

Finally the watch was back together…I love the moment the balance starts ticking…a wonderful feeling bringing a very old and battered watch back to life!

So now the fun begins! Time to start researching…what does the Tiger mean and when was it added to the dial?

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