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Last of the Smiths Astral 1978

Although hard to pin it down to 1978…I suspect that is where the battered Smiths Astral I discovered on eBay came from. Usually I would leave well alone but for a cheap purchase I felt it deserved its place in the Smiths story.

As you can see…it was in a sorry state! Also, when wound, the hands would spin round which suggested a damaged or missing pallet fork.

Clearly the watch bares the later ‘Astral’ logo with the Smiths crown. I date the Swiss movement ‘Astrals’ to 1978 and there was further proof on removing the back cover…

..a rather lovely EB8800 movement. Now these Swiss movements were produced from 1965 until the late 70s so it certainly fits the date. On closer examination, the pallet fork was missing.

So after some TLC, a new pallet fork and crystal…I think this watch takes it’s deserved place in the Smiths story as one of the final ‘Astrals’ ever produced.

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