• Andy

Smiths 1946 Prototype

What a find today! A junk shop buy for a few pounds and I have turned up a gem...a 1946 Smiths prototype.

Based on the pocket watch movements of the time, these watches have no serial number and some big differences between them and what we know as the tradition cal 400 Cheltenham made movements.

The first big difference is in the setting spring. Ironically these seemed a tougher option than what followed! The body of the movement is slightly wider in diameter than the traditional cal 400.

Other differences include the pallet bridge screws which are tiny! The case is made by Dennison and has a weight that was only matched by the ‘Everest Range’ cases.

Many of the components are individually marked with serial numbers.

The completed, serviced watch has a weight which I love. In my opinion these were the prototypes for the Everest range watches with Dennison toying with materials and weight.

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