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Service and Repair to a Magic Number!

its been a while since I’ve been in the workshop but good to be back this week.

Had this wonderful RG1314 from 1947. What I love in particular about this watch is the serial number...1001!

It arrived in a bit of a state after a botched attempt by someone to stick the crystal in with resin based glue.

First job was to put the body of the movement through the sonic cleaner. Then a gentle clean of the dial with a cotton wool but and warm, soapy water.

So begins the reassembly. I love these early, nickel movements. They had largely vanished from the Smiths repertoire by the late 1940s to be replaced by the gold coloured movements we have all become so familiar with.

Also good to catch a glimpse of one of those Dennison case backs. Again, by the end of the 40s Smiths had reverted to generic cases...but in this older model we still see the proud, Dennison stamp.

Finally the finished product ready to complete another 75 years of service. Also a little piece of Smiths history as their 1001st ’C serial’ came off the production line!

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