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Everest Automatic Service and Bearings tips.

Today I had the honour of servicing and repairing a Smiths Everest Automatic watch. Aside from requiring the service, the watch was missing all the fitting and bearings on the rotor.

Always a tricky job owing to the size of the bearings so here are a few tip that I hope might help if anyone attempts a similar operation.

Firstly, ensure that when you refit the auto-winder set the screw on the pusher to ‘open’. This allows the cog to fit smoothly in without damaging the teeth.

The cage sits in the rotor well first, outer edges pointing down.

Next I take a wooden cocktail stick, dip the tip in water and dry on a piece of kitchen paper. The attraction with the water is JUST enough to pick up the rotor bearings and seat them into position in the cage.

Finally lower the cap into position with tweezer. Ensure the tabs on the inside edge engage. I then use a magnetic screwdriver to put the final screw in place.

Always a challenge but always worth it when you see one of these beautiful and increasingly rare watches back up and running.

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