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So today I finally tackle a rather beautiful Smiths Divers watch. The second hand happily ticks around the watch face but the watch loses around an hour a day.

in actual fact the watch isn’t ‘losing’ rather the minute and hour hands aren’t turning for periods of time.

After 50 years of constant use, the cannon and pinion can become worn hence making the minute hand ‘slip’ rather than turn.

First of all we remove the stem (with a push button on this model) but do be careful if attempting it yourself as it’s very easy to knock the setting arm out of position.

Nezt we remove the hands and the we can access the cannon. On this watch it is the cannon at fault so I use the tweezers to gently lift the old one off...and replace it with new/old stock.

Job done and should keep time for the next 50 years now!

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