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A453 vs A454 vs A460

Having started a thread about the A454 vs A460 debate...after receiving a few further examples and cross referencing...I can now offer a definitive guide to tell one from the other!

Smiths Deluxe A453 Everest Range

The Smiths Deluxe A453 is an Everest Range watch that appears as early as 1954 in the catalogues. It looks a lot like the A454 with the same, stepped dial BUT the diameter of the dial is a larger 28mm hence you can clearly see the outer, seconds track.

Smiths Deluxe A454 Antarctic Range

This watch also appears from 1954. It still has the stepped dial but the diameter of the dial is 26mm. You can see far less of the outer second track on the A454.

Smiths Deluxe A460 Antarctic Range

Appears from 1958. Like the Smiths Deluxe A454 the dial is only 26mm. Also the seconds track is on the inside of the ring rather than the outside and of course the A460 doesn’t have the stepped dial.

Finally here’s a few shots of the watches side my side. You can clearly see the similarities between the A454 and the A460 cases which are identical.

The A453 still has 16mm lugs but a much flatter case to house the 28mm dial. The A454 and A460 case is deeper and far more ‘arched’.

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