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1952 Smiths Deluxe

Today I have a little project of my own to work on. When I bought it…I suspected it was an early transition watch dating to around 1952…a pivotal year for Smiths as they began branding their watches with the ‘Deluxe’ that would become synonymous with Smiths.

1952 is also a fascinating year…for roughly 18 months, Smiths developed lots of new models and dial styles that swiftly evolved and were only available during this period.

I believe this is one of them. There are few catalogues that survived from 1952/53 and I am unable to identify this exact model…however I do know that the dial design went to J W Benson post 1953.

Of course there‘s something wrong with this watch! The hands are clearly a later edition as Smiths would have paired the luminous dial with similar hands, the same as the ones found on the infamous Deluxe A404.

The case back checks out as authentic. Dennison signed casebacks had vanished by 1955 and were at their peak in 1952.

Similarly the movement checks out fine with a 1952 serial number which fits the age of the watch.

This style of dial is recorded in the Deluxe A105 watches which feature ‘cowhorn lugs’ however in this case we see the ‘reverse cowhorn’ case being used here by Smiths…a case that was almost uniquely used from 1952 until 1954.

The watch itself was in good condition. I managed to find a pair of hands and colour matched the lume to match that on the dial, as would have been originally on this watch.

Very happy with the final result and maybe a chance to preserve a model that the Smiths world had forgotten all about.

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