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1946 Smiths in an Omega Case?

Updated: May 18, 2021

It’s a rainy day here at the Seascale workshop so I started delving back into a few old watches we have already looked at in the blog...but I looked a little deeper.

A while ago you may remember the dissection of this 1946 prototype Smiths watch. Rather than a traditional cal 400 movement you may remember it had a slightly wider movement without a serial number?

Well today I started analysing the case under my magnified loupe. It’s a Dennison 13322 case as used in the military Omega watches of the era.

So imagine my surprise when under magnification I spotted this...

Which leads me to the obvious conclusion that in the period directly after WW2 when Smiths were setting up their watch making division, they were using Omega military stock cases to house their early watch movements. This makes sense when you consider the surplus military watch stock that there would have been post 1945. Smiths were true ‘opportunist’ hitting the wristwatch market in 1946.

Its amazing what you see when you delve a little deeper with these old watches...I have completely missed it until today...but another piece of Smiths history uncovered. I wonder how many other collectors out there have an early Smiths watch in one of these cases...please leave a comment if you do.

Update: well after much digging and much help from the MWR seems we have a 1942/3 6B/195 Smiths that was destined for the military. However a few were kept and turned into the very first civilian 6RGs....this being one of the first marketable watches that Smiths EVER produced. The mark on the back isn’t Omega...but a military Mark instead.

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